CNC Machine Routing

A CNC Routing Machine is used to profile cut any shape that can be drawn. It can cut up to 20mm thick materials in aluminium, wood, & plastic sheet.

The table size is 4,000mm long x 1,565mm wide and this is the maximum sheet that can be processed. We can v-groove and cut to size your composite sheet requirements. With the added advantage of a very strong curving capability, we can create up to 3,600mm high single piece columns, down to approximately 450mm outside diameter. Imagine a shape created out of any of the nominated materials to create a unique component or solve a design issue for a project..

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About Us

All Metal Curving Specialists have 20 years experience in bending and forming of all types of metals.

We can form your shapes in aluminium, stainless steel, mild steel, brass, and copper - any metal - any shape.

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